Rounded Rectangle: When you join the Y, you belong to a community of men, women and children who strive every day to be healthy, confident and connected.

Membership Descriptions


New Member:  A new member is one who has not been a continuous member for thirty (30) days or longer or who has never been a member of the Donald W. Reynolds YMCA of Warren and Bradley County.  New members are responsible for joining fees.


Renewal Member:  A renewal member is one who continues their affiliation for a period of one year or longer.  Membership must be renewed within thirty (30) days of expiration.  Persons who allow their memberships to lapse for more than 30 days are considered new members and will be subject to joining fees.


Family Member:  A family membership includes married couples, up to four (4) dependent children or anyone else that is legally claimed on the primary members most current income tax report up to the age of 21.  Any family membership that requires more than 6 individuals on the membership will be assessed an additional $5.00 per month per additional individual fee.  Youth under the age of 12 are required to be on a family membership.


Individual Adult Member:  An individual age 18-59.


Student Member:  An individual age 12 to 18 or 18 to 21 who is enrolled in at least 12 hours of college credit per semester.  Proof of enrollment is required for each semester.


Senior Individual Member:  An individual age 60+.


Senior Family Member:  A senior family membership is available using the same criteria as the “Family Membership” but may be changed to senior as soon as either of the primary adults on the membership turns 60+.  Current members 60+ will be asked to fill out a member change form at the front desk.


Membership Payment Methods


Annual Payment:  Annual memberships are paid in full at the beginning of the membership and will be up for renewal at the end of 12 months.  Any new annual membership requires a joining fee and any annual membership that has lapsed for more than 30 days will required to pay the joining fee again.  There is no refund for any unused portion of the membership.


Quarterly Payment: Quarterly memberships are memberships that are paid every 3 months.  The initial payment requires payment of joining fee and 3 months membership.  Must renew within 30 days to avoid repayment of joining fee. There is no refund for any unused portion of the membership.


Bi-Annual Payment:  Bi-annual memberships are available to cover memberships for a six (6) month period of time.  All new bi-annual memberships require a full joining fee at the onset of the membership.  Any bi-annual membership that has lapsed for 30 days or more is required to pay the full joining fee upon rejoining.  There is no refund for any unused portion of the membership.


Automatic Bank Draft:  Automatic bank drafts for memberships may be set up to be drafter automatically from the members’ bank account on the first (1st) or twentieth (20th) of each month.  A joining fee is required for all new members.  Any member who has a draft that is returned without payment to the YMCA will be terminated immediately and will be required to submit payment in cash for the returned draft plus a $25 returned draft fee prior to being eligible to participate in any program offered by the YMCA.  Any unpaid draft over 30 days old will be treated as a new member and will be required to pay the joining fee in full.  Any member who has more than one returned draft in a twelve (12) month period will be required to pay either the bi-annual or annual membership in full before they are allowed to participate as a member of the YMCA.

The Y is a cause for strengthening community. That’s why we’re here working with you every day, making sure that you, your family and community have the resources and support you need to learn, grow and thrive.

With a focus on developing the potential of kids, improving individual health and well-being, and giving back and supporting our neighbors, your membership will bring about meaningful change not just within yourself, but in your community too. 

Rounded Rectangle: MEMBERSHIP RATES

		Year Bi-Annual Quarterly Month Registration fee
Family	$432   $216        $108         $36	$50
Adult		$336    $168        $84         $28	  	$25
Student	$288    $144        $72         $24	  	$25
Senior Adult 	$288    $144        $72         $24   	$25
Senior Family $384    $192        $96         $32	  	$25






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